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Change Logs

07/19/2021 - 2 years ago
Update – 13 October 21
Added : Edit ticket reply
Added : Re-assign Ticket by admin
Added : Filter articles by category
Fixed : article search issue on Admin dashboard
Fixed : reported and other minor bugs
Update 1.7.0 – 26 July 21
Fixed : Bug on register page Fixed : Errors not show

Update 1.6.9 – 19 July 21

New feature : Manager role permissions from Settings page
Single page (Articles, Categories, saved replies, Settings page)
New feature : Articles multi-Language
New feature : User custom fields
New feature : Auto save ticket reply on browser as draft
New feature : reply attachments ( Agent / admin can can send attachments with ticket reply )
Fixed : Known Bugs and Issues

Update 1.6.6 – 22 April 21
Fixed : Frontend categories page error 
Fixed : bugs on dashboard search
Fixed : Error while enabling a module
New option : Maintenance mode 
New option : Debug mode 
New option : Disable cache
New feature : Dashboard search for tickets by a keyword on conversations

Update 1.6.0 – 8 April 21
New feature : Modules support
New feature : Language on front URLs
New feature : Sections on articles
New module : Customizer
Improve code source
Fixed : User name incorrect on email notifications
Fixed : Known Bugs and Issues

Update 1.4.3 – 23 January 21
Added Feature : Auto close resolved tickets after x Days
Added Feature : View system error logs
Added module : Translation
Added feature : View and refresh Envato user purchase list
Added feature : in-conversation images in Lightbox plugin
Added Login via OAuth (Envato, Google, Facebook)
Added feature : User can add signature that will append to Ticket replies
Re-build : settings page
Fixed : "Users can Register" and "user must verify email" issue
Fixed : bug while updating the application
Changing text editor to Tinymce
Improve code source
Last update : 02/13/2023 - 7 months ago

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